News for 2024


Just a reminder: 

In addition any order that exceeds the limit of one plug per style will be refunded in full LESS the non refundable processing fees imposed by PayPal. Thank you to those who have sent C&R pics using our plugs and thank you for believing in the "one hook solution"!!! The future of our fishery depends on the little things that can make a big difference.

Just a friendly reminder all payments must be processed through our payment processor PayPal. This is the ONLY form of payment we accept.

New for 2024 is a new "spook" that has been designed to cast into the wind and bigger  surf conditions. Approx. 3.5 oz. - a size in between my Sidekick (2.5 oz+-)) and Max Spook (4.5 oz +-). And please remember: if it doesn't say "Mike's", but has the same shape, eyes, paint schemes, scaling, hook/lip layout and one belly treble, don't be fooled... it is only a copy.

 Please don't ask for specific drop dates or a "heads up", and remember to check out ASAP or your cart will most likely get "robbed". Send pics if you safely can, and good luck to all my friends/customers for 2024! I will no longer be listing future builds or "what's next". I've tried it and it does nothing but create problems and animosity when there are not enough plugs to fill requests. I am building less these days, not more. thanks for your patience and understanding on this.