If you are not able to find an answer to your question below, shoot us an email at mikescustomplugs@comcast.net

Could you let me know when certain plugs are in stock?

We are unable to send personal messages regarding the stocking of plugs.  Please make sure to check the website periodically and follow us on Facebook where new inventory is announced when it becomes available!  Inventory goes fast (usually in one day).

Custom Orders

Do you do custom orders?

I am very sorry but I cannot accommodate custom orders for the foreseeable future.


How do I place an order?

We only take orders through this website.


Can I special order and wait for it to be made?

Unfortunately, no.  Due to the high demand for our plugs we are only able to take orders when plugs are in stock on the website.


Do you do pre-orders?

No, we're sorry!  Due to the high demand for our product, we only sell what we have finished and ready to ship.  No prepayments  and no pre orders will be accepted.

Sell Outs

Why so these sell out so fast and how am I supposed to order?

They sell out fast because they work!!  My product is handmade right here in the United States and they take time.   I crank out as many as I can over the course of a month and list everything that is available on the website.   The plugs keep selling out faster and faster which is a great "problem" for a small one man online business but can be frustrating as a customer.  I totally understand that but I'm doing the best I can (and trying to get a little fishing time in too).  I promise they are worth the wait and determination to purchase.

Shopping Cart items disappear

I was trying to order, had an item in my cart and it sold out before I could complete the order.  What happened?

This can be frustrating but when plugs go into inventory (with a post on facebook) there are usually far more people trying to purchase than there are items available for purchase.  Because of that, and how quickly they sell out, it is not uncommon for items to disappear from your cart.  Your order is not completed until the purchase is made.  Yes, it can be very disappointing but please know it is not a "glitch" in the website.  It is simply the difference between the volume of people trying to purchase and the limited number of items we have available.

Sold Out question

The site shows almost everything is "sold out", how do I purchase?

Keep checking the website and my Facebook page.  When plugs are built and completed and ready to sell they are added to inventory and a Facebook post will be my "HEADS UP" when inventory is added.  A 2 PLUG MAXIMUM LIMIT is requested per style (with no duplicate color selections) so that more fisherman get a chance to buy a Mike's Custom! 

Ordering a sold out item

Can I still order something if everything is sold out?

No, we are unable to take individual orders.

Order Pick up

I live locally, can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, no.  The policy is shipping only.  


I am running/participating in a fundraiser for a charity/organization and wonder if you would be able to make a donation to our cause?

We truly appreciate you thinking of Mike's Custom Plugs to be a part of your event.  We receive regular requests to donate plugs for charitable organizations and to fundraisers.  As much as we would love to be able to support all of these wonderful causes, being a small business with an incredibly high demand for our products, we are unable to make donations.  These type of inquiries take a significant amount of time and we are no longer able to respond to each individually.  We appreciate your understanding.

Can You Combine Orders for Shipment?

We do our best to try to catch multiple orders placed in a day and combine them into one shipment, resulting in a shipping/handling refund, but make no promises.   All too often we make several trips to the Post Office throughout the day and are unable to combine shipments.