"The Beast" Darter "Headbanger" (C&R) 8"... 4.3oz. +-    SOLD OUT

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 "The Beast" Headbanger Darter (C&R) 8"...4.3 Oz.+-

"Hey Mike,  Got a fish that tipped that scales at just over 40 pounds after being dead in the cooler all night!  Caught this fish back in June and have been very busy fishing hard.  I like the darter and the finish has held up very well".  If your looking for a darter that's a little wider, a little heavier, and digs a little deeper, this is the plug for you.  Comes rigged with one 4/0 VMC Perma Steel belly treble (6Xtra strong), and a matching custom tail flag. (a 5/0 treble also will work) Features a wide body and lip for more stability and dig.  This plug floats at rest but a little twitch is all it takes to get it down into the strike zone (6-10'+ easily) A very slow steady retrieve with an occasional twitch -- let the current work the plug.  A great sub surface alternative that has been proven to be an effective tool in your plug arsenal.  A "beast" of a plug! This plug is now made in a "Headbanger" version ONLY-- in order to protect the wood lip and extend the plugs life.