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Dan Evan  



On The Water Magazine
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Reader Review:
Mike’s Custom Plugs Ditch Witch
"Every now and then a plug comes along that is not just good-looking but is easy to cast, has great action and also catches fish. Mike at Mike’s Custom Plugs has found this balance in the Ditch Witch. This plug made me look like I knew what I was doing because I was able to cast it farther than any plug in the past. Once it splashed down, it took minimal effort to work the Ditch Witch to produce fish-enticing action. The plug has a flat belly that allows it to easily obtain the “windshield wiper” motion of a pencil popper. While a lot of guys will only use a topwater plug when fish are showing on the surface, I found the Ditch Witch produced even when blind-casting. The plug is hand-turned out of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, through-wired, and equipped with a VMC 4/0 belly treble with Wolverine triple-wrap split ring on the belly, hung on a Spro 1/0 swivel; and a matching tail flag in order to promote catch and release.
Ditch Witch Pencil Popper (C&R)  7".... 3.3 oz.+-

A well balanced, easy to walk, slow sinking pencil that comes to the surface quickly on retrieve.  This plug is weighted for maximum casting distance and is built to be fished anywhere there is a strong fast moving current, particularly the Cape Cod Canal. New for 2022: All Ditch Witch Pencils will be shipped with (1) 4/0 VMC belly treble (6xtra strong) and a matching tail flag in keeping with my strong belief of Catch and Release!