7-1/4" Pikie Surface Swimmer/Shallow Diver (C&R) Sorry, temporarily out of stock

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"I just wanted to share how much I love your mac colored pikie!! I have been crushing fish and all big ones on it!!! It sucks because I lost it the other day so I ordered the bunker one..Let me know when you get the mack colored one again..I am a kayak fisherman and live on the North Shore..Here is a picture of my actual personal best caught on your lure..48 inch.38 lb. striper...!! Thanks Mike for a great lure.."

7-1/4" Pikie Surface Swimmer/Shallow Diver (C & R)....  3.75oz. +- 

The wide Pikie lip design makes this a great plug for just about any situation, particularly in fast moving current--i.e. rips, breachways, Cape Cod Canal etc.  Thru wired with matching tail flag and 3/0 VMC trebles.  Great for casting or trolling, rivers, surf, big water or calm conditions, the results speak for themselves...very lively plug without the "roll" commonly found in other versions.