8.5" Commander

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In Surfcasters Journal ~ Issue 55 May 2019



8-1/4" Commander ...... 4 oz. +-       

An inch longer than our Magnum Swimmer and named after a famous Rhode Island surf caster, ("Commander" Peter Kernicki) this is our largest swimmer...almost a foot long including the teaser tail.  This plug casts surprising well for a plug its'size and does not "helicopter" (like many other large Danny style plugs).  It floats high and has a seductive side to side  tail-kick.This plug will dig to about 12" and can also be used for slow trolling.  This plug is truly a "trophy" fish plug.  Comes rigged with VMC 4/0 belly trebles (that don't tangle), hung on Wolverine triple splits and topped off with a custom tied matching teaser tail. The "go to" plug for myself and many others. Definitely not for the faint of heart...Strikes are "heart-stopping"! 

An attention getter for sure!!