7-1/4"  Mag Swimmer  (C&R)  3.3oz. +-  Sorry,  temporarily out of stock

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7-1/4" C&R Mag Swimmer...... 3.3oz. +- 

This jumbo sized fishing lure is a floating swimmer which  resembles a large bunker, herring or shad which are prevalent spring, summer and fall.  This plug requires a slow steady retrieve.  Can be used day or night, in slow or fast water; it likes to go sub-surface but can be slow-cranked on top. A VERY stable plug that can be used in a variety of conditions.Through wired and rigged with one 4/0 VMC belly treble and a custom tied teaser tail.  This is a big fish plug styled after the well known Atom-40 swimmer - Our Catch and Release version of this classic fish catcher!