Junior Z Glide  4.25"  2.25 oz.+- (C&R) Sorry, temporarily out of stock

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JUNIOR Z GLIDE   4.25"   2.25 OZ+-  (C&R)

Solid hardwood rigged with a 2/0 VMC belly treble with a matching tail flag. Built like a tank! Sinking design helps you fish every bit of the water column. A 3/0 treble can be substituted if desired.

Glides in a "Z" shaped pattern with a slow to medium retrieve.   

A sensible plug for the many who practice catch, photograph and release. Flattening the barbs is recommended on the belly treble to facilitate unhooking inhaled lures. A single inline hook in 3/0 or 4/0 can be used sucessfully as well. Be a "Barb Buster"!