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 A great prospecting plug when you are fishing unfamiliar areas. Can be used on or below the surface, and can be tweaked to dive 4-6'... easily (my deepest diving metal lip swimmer). Mimics any medium sized forage fish spring, summer or fall. Recently re-designed for better distance and less leader fouling. Thru-wired and rigged with one 4/0 VMC belly treble (and a matching tail flag).  A good all-around choice no matter where you fish, particularly if you prefer the no muss, no fuss of a single belly treble. Makes catch and release of striped bass much safer and easier.  

Canadian River Striper caught on a MCP Fat Tail

"When I first started to fish Striped Bass a good friend of mine who has been ordering your plugs for years in Canada gave me two of your fat tail swimmers.  Since that point, I have become an extremely avid Striped Bass angler, I have completed my Ph.D. studying Striped Bass and continue to work on the species professionally as a fisheries research scientist all likely due to the fish I caught on those lures.  I have since held onto your plugs which remain my favorite Striped Bass lures and have accounted for more big fish than I can count over the last 8 years".

This fish remains one of the largest caught on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick and the photo was featured on the centerfold of the Provinicial Anglers Guide.