Spring Squid-Treble Hook

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 4-7/8" Spring Squid...... 2.25oz.  +-

 This is our "SPRING SQUID" fishing lure...........what stripers, blues and tuna feed on in abundance early in the season, and again in the fall (albies).  This sinking plug is rigged with a 4/0 VMC dressed treble hook and casts like a bullet.  Is extremely life-like in appearance with realistic flukes and it's full bucktail topped off with a few pink hackle tentacles.  This plug is only available in one color, pearl white with pink sides, and of course a dusting of glitter.   

A very versatile offering, this plug may be fished many ways; jigged, trolled, ripped or walked like a pencil to achieve the desired action and best results for you!