Baby Beast "Head-Banger" Darter (C&R) 5.5" ...2 oz.+-  SOLD OUT

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A plug that swims, darts and digs up to 3-4' give or take. Designed with one 3/0 VMC belly treble and a tail flag to make catch and release easier and safer.  Casts great, thru wired and is a great addition for you "dahta" lovers. Effective in most all current situations, especially breachways, the Canal and rivers. Also can be used in quiet, open beach situations or slack water because it has a built-in wiggle and dart. I call it my "Danny-Darter"-made using AYC so it exhibits an "active" action.  Holds well in moderate current and casts great! Just because it is a "baby" doesn't mean it's not a "Beast"!


 The addition of a Stainless metal lip (bottom lip cut) does not alter the "dig and dart"  and extends the life of the plug! Now you can bang around the rocks (within reason) without having to worry about scuffing up  a wooden lip! Built to last under most "normal" surf scenarios.