4.75+-oz. HD Swimbait- 9"  (C&R)

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Like catching big fish? Who doesn't! This could be your ticket to a new personal best for sure! Rigged "Canal Style" with a 5/0 VMC Treble hung on a 1/0 Spro swivel by #6 Wolverine split rings.  This might be what you've been looking for as a substitute for all the bent, broken plastic swimbaits you've been trashing after hooking up a "large" bass in the Canal or anywhere for that matter. This plug can be fished at any depth or ripped and paused on top-has a sink rate of roughly 10" per second in salt water.   A quick "snap-stop" in your retrieve reverses the direction until you continue. Heavier gear is suggested for this one. Casts fairly well, even into the wind! Made of hardwood, topped off with a matching tail flag, and rigged with heavy duty stainless hardware. Stand out from the rest and tie on the best! Check out my video if you have'nt already done so. A great catch and release plug with the only hook you need----one belly treble!