News for 2023


Just a reminder: 

We do our best to try to catch multiple orders placed in a day and combine them into one shipment resulting in a shipping/handling refund (less a $3.00 handling fee), but make no promises.   All too often we make several trips to the Post Office throughout the day and are unable to combine shipments.

In addition any order that exceeds the limit of one plug per style will be refunded in full LESS the non refundable processing fees imposed by PayPal.


BIG D-EEL is our new addition to the Mike's line-up and will be in my store ahead of schedule. Heavier than my current jointed eel, (which I will continue to produce with one belly treble), it will be C&R with one 5/0 belly treble. Im excited about this new addition to my lineup for 2023! I reserve the right to cancel/refund any orders from customers that I suspect are involved in constantly flipping my plugs. Any refunded payments will NOT include any of the PayPal charges incurred to me. 


I will be adding a couple new colors to the Color Chart. Because I love the combinations of yellow/white as you can probably tell, the new addition will be whlte/yellow stripe and yellow/black head/white belly....and for those who like Blurple, I'm adding Nauset Night which is similar to blurple but with a twist. I'm back in the shop and will be dropping the Benny's Jet and also more Commanders in the coming weeks as well as pencils and darters sometime in late May/June hopefully!