News for 2022


Just a reminder: 

We do our best to try to catch multiple orders placed in a day and combine them into one shipment resulting in a shipping/handling refund (less a $3.00 handling fee), but make no promises.   All too often we make several trips to the Post Office throughout the day and are unable to combine shipments.

In addition any order that exceeds the limit of one plug per style will be refunded in full LESS the non refundable processing fees imposed by PayPal.

I no longer use Facebook to announce plug drops, so any new friend requests will not be answered as was the case previously. Friends Who Love Mike's Custom Plugs (a private group started by one of my customers) is used to post pics of plugs/fish caught using my trading or selling is allowed and posts are monitored by the moderators for approval. There is NO PREFERRED CUSTOMER LIST!!! 

Because multiple orders continue to be placed on plug drops, no refunds will be issued for shipping/handling fees paid for combined orders (when more than one order is placed on the same day). 

8/2/22 Next up will be both sizes of the ZGlide. Then I'm taking a well-needed break from the shop until further notice. Hope you all have a great Fall season....I know I will.