New for 2020!

Catch & Release Series (C & R)

A SINGLE BELLY TREBLE and a tail flag -  that's really all any striper plug needs in our opinion.  This series of plugs now includes 14 of our creations with more on the drawing board for 2020! Currently included are: Spring Squid,  Baby Beast Headbanger, Mini-Swimmer, Pikie, 5.5" Swimmer, Fat-Tail, Mag Swimmer, both Z-Glides, our HD Swimbait series, the Bullet, both sizes of Loud Mouth Poppers, and both sizes of our spook.This configuration will enable the fisherman to safely release a fish with very minimal adverse effects on the catch.  A lot of us use this set-up already (or a single in-line hook, or canal style), as responsible stewards of our sport. I urge my friends to squash all barbs as an additional safety measure while practicing Catch and Release....Be a BARB BUSTER!

Every little bit helps in the future of, and preservation of, this precious resource.

C & R Pikie 



9.25" MAX Spook (C&R) 4.2 oz. +- 

For those of you who like B I G Spooks, this one will fits the bill.  Over 9" long and approximately 4.2oz., this is some chunk! Walk it in calm conditions or a small -medium chop and watch what happens.  Comes rigged with one 5/0 VMC belly treble and a matching tail flag. Zig Zag zig zag........boom! Made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar for buoyancy and toughness and finished with a double coat of epoxy for increased durability.  Casts much better than plastic versions and is a versatile plug from boat or beach. 


New Baby Beast (Headbanger) 

A new twist that I’ve been thinking about for years and finally got around to getting it done! A stainless lip that protrudes slightly (on the bottom of the wooden angle cut) to give extra life to a plug that normally takes a beating - even if you fish sand beaches, you know what I mean - darters take a beating. Roughly the same weight (a little over 2 oz.) and the same action as the original with no change in cast-ability or action. Limited availability.



New Junior Z Glide 4.25"   2.25 oz+-

Solid hardwood with heavy duty S/S screw eyes and 2/0 VMC belly treble with a matching tail flag.

Glides in a Z shaped pattern with a slow to medium retrieve. Can be used day or night, is "current-friendly “ and available in my most popular patterns. It's aero-dynamic and casts great!


A sensible plug for the many who practice catch, photograph and release.