New for 2019!

Catch & Release Series (C & R)

A SINGLE BELLY TREBLE and a tail flag -  that's really all any striper plug needs in our opinion.  This series of plugs now includes 13 of our creations: Baby Beast Headbanger, Mini-Swimmer, Pikie, 5.5" Swimmer, Fat-Tail, Mag Swimmer, both Z-Glides, our HD Swimbait series, the Bullet, both sizes of Loud Mouth Poppers, and both sizes of our spook.This configuration will enable the fisherman to safely release a fish with very minimal adverse effects on the catch.  A lot of us use this set-up already (or a single in-line hook, or canal style), as responsible stewards of our sport. I urge my friends to squash all barbs as an additional safety measure while practicing Catch and Release!

Every little bit helps in the future of, and preservation of, our beloved striped bass.

C & R Pikie 

New Baby Beast (Headbanger) 

A new twist that I’ve been thinking about for years and finally got around to getting it done! A stainless lip that protrudes slightly (on the bottom of the wooden angle cut) to give extra life to a plug that normally takes a beating - even if you fish sand beaches, you know what I mean - darters take a beating. Roughly the same weight (a little over 2 oz.) and the same action as the original with no change in cast-ability or action. Limited availability.



New Junior Z Glide 4.25"   2.25 oz+-

Solid hardwood with heavy duty S/S screw eyes and 2/0 VMC belly treble with a matching tail flag.

Glides in a Z shaped pattern with a slow to medium retrieve. Can be used day or night, is "current-friendly “ and available in my most popular patterns. It's aero-dynamic and casts great!


A sensible plug for the many who practice catch, photograph and release.